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You Don’t Have to Make a Wholly Original Story

Making an original is hard, but taking a genre and making or topic and making it your own is a little easier.

Sometimes what makes you hesitate about taking a topic or genre that you want to write is that it has been written before. And most of the time it has been made into something that is popular and well liked or talked about.

But you will find that happens with most of the genres and topics. Like twilight being about vampires, but before twilight and after ‘Twilight’ there has been books about vampires, for example ‘the Sookie Stackhouse series by Charlaine Harris’ (One of my favorite series and much better vampires then Twilight).

The same could be said about books about magic before and after it there are an abundance of books like it.

And one and on it goes.

And your book might not become as famous as these, and let’s be honest they rarely are, not many authors become household names.

But that should not stop you from writing that book that you have been wanting to write.

All you have to do is work hard on it and make that genre your own.

That does not mean that someone out there is not going to compare it in their head, but then again you will find that they do that with every book.

If a book has a fighting tournament and teens they are going to ask if its like ‘The Hunger Games’, if it has a person with cancer it is going to be compared to ‘The fault In Our Start’.

The thing that matters is the You Don’t Compare Your Work To Others.

Because I can promise that if you do that nine times out of ten you will find your work lacking.

And you will find it lacking because to you their work is great.

When most of the time they just have the experience and time to improve on their work.

And most of the time your work is going to be fine, and sure overtime you might look back at it and find somethings that you would have improved, but that would just be you experience talking.

So don’t worry about making an original, just worry about making your work your own.

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