Written In The Stars: Book Review

Written in the stars book cover.

Written In The Stars is a Sapphic romance of two messy queers trying to figure out their lives and fall in love in all while fake dating.

Written In The Stars is a solid 5/5 book

As Result of this is the perfect sweet romance that you would find in the romance section of your local bookstore but with a sapphic twist to it. And Messy queer woman trying to live their lives.

Elle, one of our two main characters does not have her life together

She has a career that she loves and a promising new deal with a company to help make a new dating app that shows a lot of promise. She loves her work with astrology and is a hopeless romantic and is perfectly content with herself.

But her dating life… To put lightly is not so promising. And with a mother who doesn’t so much agree on her life choices and career choices constantly nagging, ends up in a fake dating situation to maybe help smooth things over and make her family see that she is making the right choices. And that yes she does have her life put together.

Darcy, on the other hand, is not looking to date anyone thank you very much

Darcy has a promising career and is on her way to a big promotion that she spends most of her life studying to get. She dedicates most of her life to her career and has little time to do anything outside of it.

She is completely and very much not in the market for anyone at this time. Jaded and to busy to date at this time she is content with what she is doing with her life. Her brother on the other hand is not so content with how she is living, keeps setting up dates that she is not interested in thank you very much.

But the most recent date set things in motion that neither thought would every happen

When a blind date between Elle and Darcy goes from awkward to bad after Elle not only shows up late but spills wine all over her date its decided that even if there is a spark there that its time to leave.

But after Darcy’s hopeless romantic of a brother Brendon, keeps pushing her about finding someone she ends up stumbling into a scenario that she didn’t mean to end up in.

After implying that she is still seeing Elle she is stuck between a rock and a hard place and after roping Elle into her crazy plan of faking a relationship so that they both can seem like they have their romantic relationships underwraps.

This was one of the cutest, most hilarious books i’ve read this year

One of the more enjoyable things about this book is that the characters spoke their age. They talked how someone there age spoke, they texted how real people texted. All of these things made the characters read and feel more real and alive.

The romance was also perfectly written. You felt the chemistry between them.

But most of all these characters are mess and I love that. These are two messy queer woman that don’t have there love life together and if that’s not relatable then I don’t know what is.

Definitely a romance must read

A funny, mess queer romance that I would call a must read for any and everyone who loves mess queer romance. Pick this book up if any of these things are what you are looking for.


From here there will be a spoilers for the book Written In The stars. If you don’t want to be spoiled then please stop here

Darcy and Elle want to bang from first meeting

From first meeting both Darcy and Elle had sparks that they both felt. But when Elle mentions that she believes in “the one” Darcy is a little put off to say.

She is coming off a broken engagement that that left her down in the dumps and not willing to try and make time for a relationship again. Especially not one that spills wine all over her favorite dress she got from her grandmother. Not even the cute girl her brother set her up with.

Elle on the other hand has been in the dating game for a while but has had no luck so far. On the search for ‘the one’ she hasn’t managed to have any luck. But a friend setting her up on a date gives her another shot.

But after her date orders a fifty dollar glass of wine and turns her nose on her beliefs and career, the date starts to go down hill. and things all comulate into her stumbling on Darcy complaining about her to someone on the phone, making her know that this isn’t going to work. Even if Darcy is beautiful and sexy.

But when Brendon presses Darcy things take a turn

Darcy is done with dating. That’s what she decides after coming home after the awful date. and she is going to tell that right to her brothers face. No more giving in.

But then her brother comes over and tells her some hard truths. I mean sure she isn’t fully over her bad breakup with ex fiance Natasha who not only cheated on her but with her friend. And so what if she doesn’t have a social life and is more invested in the lives of her soap opera characters?

But after her brother keeps pressing she breaks and ends up telling him that she has another date with Elle because they hit it off. All because she wants him to get off her back.

But she didn’t think that he would run into Elle while she is at breakfast with her mother and just blab about it.

And so now Darcy and Elle enter into a deal

They are going to fake date so that both of them can hopefully look like they have their love life together. Elle wanting her family to see her as the put together person who knows what she is doing. Darcy wanting her brother to stop trying to pressure her into dating when she doesn’t want to.

But things complicated when they start to fall for each other

Sure Elle has a tendency to spill her boxed wine. But she’s funny, spontaneous, and not to mention cute. And Darcy may be stuck up with a bit of a stick up her ass. But she makes dirty jokes, is funny, well put together, and not to mention is gorgeous to boot.

And things start heading into a direction that neither of them expected.

They hit it off. they have great chemistry and all the dates they end up going on are great and they have fun.

Then Darcy kisses Elle.

And things start to build.

Darcy is starting to fall for Elle. And Elle? She is starting to fall right back.

And after Darcy goes with Elle to her parents who are not as supportive as Elle wishes they would be things start to build even more.

Then they end up sleeping together. and things are perfect. Until they aren’t

After the Breakup

Darcy’s relationship with her flighty mother isn’t the greatest. And when her mother starts to needle her about her relationship with Elle it blows up when Elle overhears Darcy’s mother talking about her and Darcy isn’t saying anything to contradict her mother.

Which leads to the break up. Hurt and angry at Darcy, Elle calls things off.

Both are hurting and not dealing with this well. But Elle is not willing to be with someone who doesn’t know what they want and doesn’t seem to really want to be together.

And it all comes to a point when everything about Darcy comes out. The breakup, the moving, the fears.

They get there happily ever after

Like most Romance books the characters do get there happy ending. Ending things with a kiss. The perfect satisfying ending for the book to leave off on. All the while leaving me with wanting more for their story.

Lets talk about this book

This book kept me engaged through the whole book. Everything was there in the perfect amount.

And the characters where so funny. I mean this line right here?

“Come on. Don’t I Get”- Girlfriend hoverd on the tip of her tongue “I’ve seen you naked’ privileges?” Darcy arched a copper brow. “Seeing me naked is a privilege.”

Pg 231 (Darcy & Elle)


“Oh my god.” Elle muttered “You like me?” What kind of question is that? That it was even a question at all was absurd thing to ever come from Elle’s mouth and that was truly saying something considering the number of strange, unfiltered thoughts she shared. Wasn’t it obvious? Written all over her face? “You sound surprised.” Elle made a noise somewhere between a laugh and scoff and kicked at Darcy’s leg, Missing by a mile. “I am surprised.” “Really.” Darcy Gave Elle her best deadpan stare. “That thing I did with my tongue last night didn’t clue you in?”

Pg 239 (Darcy & Elle)

And let’s not even get into the way they text. I have actually seen people I know text just like the character do, I text like one of the characters (Guess which) which was great for immersing me in the story.

Darcy was a greatly written character

She may have been portrayed at a bit tight laced but her character goes beyond that. But that is not only that one character trait. She has a sense of humor, likes to tell dirty jokes when the timing is right, she writes fanfiction. Come on.

Elle also has her depth to her too. While she is at first glance is the flighty girl who believes in soulmates and trusts in her astrology. But she is also smart and driven. And she knows her stars, and not just on the virgo and gemini sides of them. But on what they are made of, how they work. Elle is a smart driven woman.

Both Darcy and Elle’s relationships with their parents have there problems. Darcy not having much family interaction with a flighty mom who lost herself after her divorce. Elle having to much pressure because family interaction, because the pressure her mother is putting on her about her choice of career. Both relationships affecting how they are going about there go about their love lives.

And both conclusions to these fraught relationships was satisfying to read. Both at the end moving past these relationship problems to be able to live the lives that they should be able to in a way that left me satisfied with the conclusions.

And let’s not even get into the Sex.

The sex was real, it was steamy. Nothing about the sex potrayed here was fetishiesed or wierd. And I mean they used the word clitorus. How many straight romance have you read that used that word in the right setting? Not many for me.

So really all in all this book was the perfect combination of romance, humor, sex, and messy life. and should be a must read for anyone who loves romance.

Definitely check this book out for your next read.

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