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When you write you want to write them as believable human beings. That does not mean that you have to write them as a normal person. No that means that when you read your work they feel like real people you could talk to. I believe that the best way to do that is to write your age group.

Writing your age group or an age group that you have been through is a way to make these characters real.

Now this is just my advice and like to use when I can.

I find this is an easier way to make the characters more believable and tangible.

That does not mean that I haven’t broken this at time or two when writing.

But it is harder to write an age that you have not been through.

When you don’t know what being in that age feels like, how the mind has aged and changed when you are that age, how things differ then when you where a different age.

So when you write your age or an age that you have been through it is easier to pick out the knowledge of what it was or is like.

You know the struggles and benefits of that age.

And using all of that knowledge is a way to bring more life to these characters. make them feel more like they are alive and real.

And that is the advice I can give.

Though you don’t have to take it and stick with only writing your age group.

I certainly have broken this a time or ten.

But use it if you want.

One thought on “Writing Your Age group

  1. You could also talk to somebody who’s in that age group or has been through it and ask questions about it, IMO. I’m writing a project (I think it’s going to be a novella) from the POV of an eight-year-old girl, so I’m trying to keep her voice age-appropriate without making it insipid. I’m only 25 pages in so I haven’t gotten close to the beta reader stage, so I haven’t gotten anyone’s opinion yet.

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