Writing Without a plot

When  you are on the internet, especially places for writing advice you tend to sometimes (most of the time) see the same questions. One of these questions I see often is something along the lines of ‘I want to write a book but don’t have a an idea’.

To me most of these people want to write a book because they think it’s a cool thing to have done, or they think it will make them a tone of money.

Sure having a published book under your belt is something that would be cool. But Don’t Write A Book Just To Write A Book.

Authors write because they love to write.

And You Can’t Write A Book Without Knowing What You Want To Write About. It’s just something that I don’t understand.

I mean I want to write and publish a book because I love to write, and I want to share my stories with the world.

And sure some money out of it would be kind of nice, but money is not the main reason I want to write. Money would just be a nice surprise for all my hard work.

And to be able to write a book I need to have an idea/plot that I want to write about. And luckily for me I Have Tons Of Ideas!

Because you can’t have a story without knowing what you are writing about. That was why the first step in my post ‘How to Start Writing a Novel’ was finding your idea/plot.

Without that you would have no story.

That is why I never understand people who keep trying to write a story without having a plot just for the sake of knowing that they have written a book.

Sure its cool and all, but whats the point.

And maybe I am being harsh and unusually cruel saying all of this. But as someone who loves to write just for the sake of write. As someone who loves to tell stories to others. As someone who wants others to find something in my work. When someone just wants to write to say they did it and maybe make a quick buck off of it, it hurts.

I feel like they are stepping on what I love and using it as something they can brag about.

And this might just be me, and you might have different thought. But to me it affects me when this happens.

I don’t know, it’s just my thought on the subject, maybe you have a different one.

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