Writing When You Don’t Want To Write

Sometimes you just don’t feel like writing. This could be doing a blog post, or working on the next chapter of your book.

But you can’t just give in every time that you don’t feel like writing. Really  you shouldn’t give in ever to this.

Because if you give in once, its gives your mind the ability to do it over and over again.

Something that I like to do to work through it is thinking of it a my job. I might not be making money off of writing a book until I publish it. But doing this stops me from giving in and just not doing the work that day.

what happens when you have a job and don’t go because you just don’t feel like it? You Get Fired.

So like to keep that in my head. I might not feel like doing it, but I would get fired if I didn’t do my job.

I find this works for me. It might not work for you.

But I do encourage you to find something that does work.

Because if you keep giving in you won’t get your writing done anytime soon. I mean we all get like this, especially when we have writers block.

But the only way to break through writers block is to sit down and write through it. Even if you have stare at a blank screen for a few hours. But eventually you will be able to move past it.

But if you don’t, if you take a break because ‘you don’t feel like it’, then it will never get done. Because writers block is common, happens multiple times throughout the writing process. And with all of those breaks, it will be years before you finish your work.

And you may not feel like it, you may even feel annoyed by doing it. But do it anyway, because your work is more important than feeling annoyed at having to do work when you don’t want to.

I mean you have it better than other people, who have to leave the house and go to a job they don’t like. And they do it because they have to.

You don’t have to write if you don’t want to. But you put your self in that position because you want to do this. That is more than others can say.

You only have to sit on your bed with your laptop and create stories and ideas.

So push that annoyance aside and do this even when you don’t want to.

Because the end product is worth it.

Why else would you put yourself through this?

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