Writing Healthy Romances Should be Goals (At Least for the Romance Genre)

Have you ever read or watched something and the moment the love interest opened their mouth all you could see or hear is red flags?

Well continuing to read/watch as that relationship develops and the red flags continue usually does not make for a fun time.

There is a time or a place for these types of relationships mostly in tragedies, horror, critiques of those types of relationships, etc.

But romance shouldn’t really be that place.

Sometimes I hear the argument that it it’s not really a exciting read and or that it’s boring.

But can’t you just say that its lazy writing? I mean if you can’t make the romance in your story exciting when its happy and healthy so you have to add in some stalking or verbal abuse to keep it going?

But then maybe its just me that gets less then nothing out of reading toxic relationships.

And because of that I find that I am very enthusiastic about healthy relationships that I can get behind in the books I read.

And as a writer I think its a good idea to sometimes take a step back and look at the relationship in your romance through different eyes to see which side it falls on.

Because sometimes you might not write the relationship as an unhealthy one on purpose.

And you yourself might not see it as such.

So ask others, get feedback if you need to.

Because you might just get a new perspective of your work. And I find its always a good thing to be able to see what others see in your work.

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