Writer’s Block, what it is, and how it affects Writers

writers block is, and always will be, the bane of every writers existence.

It stalls you and leaves you staring at a blank page for hours. Nobody wants it, yet everybody seems to get it.

One of the things I learned over the years is that you can’t quit every time you get writers block. You will never get your novel done if you do that.

And most of the time when I tell someone about my frustrations about writers block, they just tell me to take a break.

But I can’t take a break, ‘If I take a break every time I get writers block my novel will never get done.’ I say. And to that they just shrug.

It can get frustrating, and make you want to quit, to just forget about the work and give up.

But I have learned that you just have to keep writing.

Force yourself to continue, to sit their in front of that blank page until you can find something to write. And when you do, just go with it and don’t stop.

It will always be a long grueling process of uphill battles, but it should be worth it all in the end as you look at your work.

Writers block will never go away, but if you give up or take a break every time you get it none of your work will ever get done.

Its all a matter of sitting and trekking through the mud to get to the other side. And sure its not always like this, with times you are able to get out of the metaphorical mud and stroll through your writing.

But writers block will always strike the person at some point. And you can’t just complain your way through writers block.

I have never seen writers block go away on its own. Not without the person with it fighting to continue through it.

If you plan to just sit and wait for it to go away , you might just be sitting their forever. Just tough through it and you’ll get their.

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