Writers are Masochists

I mean why else would someone put their selves through all of the pain, anxiety, and frustration of writing a book?

That is not to say that writing is not something to love and have fun with. I mean putting down whole worlds on paper is fun. And having it read after you put all of your hard work into it is a rush.

But when it comes with writers mood swings, anxiety, frustration, doubt, and fear. Why would someone want to put themselves through that?

It’s always said that anybody can write a book. And I think that is a yes and no answer.

Yes anybody can put words on paper and create a story. Yes that story could be made into a novel.

But would they want to?

Would they be able to slog through all the aforementioned pain and hardship? No.

Anybody can write a story. But not everybody has the has the masochistic tendencies to go through all of this hardship on purpose.

We writers go through all of this knowing it all, or at least having somewhat of an idea. We know that its going to be hard.

But We Do It Anyway.

We take all of the pain, and frustration that this causes us and we run with it. Sometimes we even revel in it (though that might just be me). We write because this is what we want to do.

Like I said, we are masochist.

But you know what? I would not change this (well maybe a little). Because the end product is worth it all to me.

I still want to be  a writer. Even if this is my past, present, and future.

Because I am a writer.

And if you are also a writer then hopefully you understand this too.

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