Write What You Want

This should be an obvious thing. I mean in my opinion to be a writer you should like to write and have written before. And that extends to writing what you want to write. But sometimes the writer or the people around the writer don’t like that.

Sometimes when you are writing a book you get people who say that you shouldn’t be writing what you are.

And sometimes the tell you that you should be writing what every the popular thing is at the moment.

I have already said my piece about that piece of advice.

But you will also get people who don’t like what you are writing and telling you that this isn’t something that you should be writing.

And sometimes they try to but in and tell you what you should writing and how. Telling you what to add and what to get rid of.

And sometimes giving you a whole new book that they think you should be writing instead.

And that can all get really frustrating.

But really only you and your reviewers opinion matters.

We all know that writing is hard, I mean I have mentioned that more that a lot. But it’s true.

So with all that hard work that you are going through you shouldn’t be spending it on something that you don’t like or are not passionate about.

I mean You are the one that is going to be spending days upon days on this, so don’t write what they want.

Write what you want.

Because that’s all that really matters.

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