Words Elicit Different Meanings In Your Writing

This means that the words that you use bring meaning and tend to draw a picture to the reader. That means that picking the right words can be important.

There are some words that you tend to think mean the same thing. Like large and big. Or Small and tiny.

But when you use them they can change the picture that it paints.

‘Mary was a very large woman’ VS ‘Mary was a very big woman’

‘Anna was a small girl for her age.’ Vs ‘Anna was a tiny girl for her age’

Both of those can paint a very different picture for the reader.

So when you are writing it is a good idea to keep these things in mind and think about if the words that you have chosen are painting the right picture.

And it is something that you should ask the people who you are getting to review your work these questions.

Ask them what picture that they are getting from these words, how they would describe this person from this sentence.

And its good to remember that one word can change the whole meaning.

By using the word ‘wild child’ instead of ‘free spirit’ it can paint a whole different picture of a person.

What does someone who is a ‘free spirit’ mean to you? To me this is someone who is independence and goes with the flow of things.

What about ‘Wild child’? To me this is someone who is adventurous and can be a troublemaker who loves to run free.

Both of those things can mean the same thing sometimes. But both of them can paint a whole different picture of a character.

Even when you call a character ‘fat’ you get a picture in your mind, but you can get a different on if you call them ‘Obese’ or ‘overweight’.

And sometimes this could be what you need for describing the character. But sometimes it could be a drastic change from what you are going for.

So it’s good to be cautious with the words that you choose.

And when reading over your work to think about the words that you have chosen.

Because you will find that those words can play a bigger part in your work then you might have thought.

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