Who Inspired Me to Write Keep Writing

as I mentioned in my earlier post ‘Publishing Anxiety’, I have have always loved to write.

And in several of my posts I mentioned that I am in the stages of writing a novel. I don’t think I would have continued it, and especially not with the intention of publishing it.

But I am and that is thanks to the people in my life. One of the very first people to who really commented my work, even sharing it with some of the other teachers where my 10th and 11th grade English teachers.

They were they loved the short story they wrote even going and sharing it around. I will always remember when those English teachers expressed their want to read more and that I should write a novel one day.

I was always writing back then, even a novel or two started and dropped. I considered the thought of publishing it but always dismissed it, or thought that if I ever was going to, to do it under a pen name.

But that group of teachers made me think that I could actually do it. And from their on it was nothing but encouragement and from family and friends. Their has never been anyone of them that doubted me on it.

For that I will always be thankful, because without them I don’t think I would have gotten to this point. With a almost done first draft and an editor in the wings.

Without them I would never have the semi confidence to put my work out their to be read. Again, I will always be thankful for them for that, and to my family who never questioned when I told them I was writing a novel that I was going to publish.

And I am especially thankful for them for having the patience to get this done, for never questioning if I quite on it, or if I failed.

I am forever thankful to these people for inspiring me to write this novel.

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