When You Don’t Get Along With Your English Teacher

I have mentioned in a previous post that one of the people who I credit for pushing me to purse publishing my book is a group of English teachers that would proof read my work. Their response to my work and when they kept telling me to publish a book is one of the bigger reasons that I am pursing it today.

But that does not mean that I go along with every one of my English teachers. Though I am very thankful that it was only one teacher that I had a problem with.

That teacher was my eleventh grade English teacher.

One of the things that always stuck out to me was that they never liked any of the things that I submitted to them. But what they really never liked was my short stories.

Most of the problems for them was that they never seemed to like when I used metaphors or subtext. If it wasn’t explicitly said it was graded badly.

I can remember once that they had not liked that I never told why the character was paining the fence. I remember being told that I never told why they were helping the character pain the fence.

I was really put off by that.

Another thing was when I tried really hard to follow their instructions down to the letter, they would still find something wrong with it.

Or when I did a book report and told my perspective on the characters though and my understanding on why they did what they did. They never liked that, if it was not something they had heard or thought of before it was out of the question.

But it was the short stories stuff that really upset me. I love writing, and I had loved when we had to do short stories for English because I always had fun with them. But that year made me dread when we had to do them.

And I never really understood why they never liked my work, I still don’t really understand why.

But I am really happy that it never put me off wanting to write.

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