When Anxiety Leads To Depression

Anxiety is a hard thing to live with. And sometimes it can get a bit too much and lead to the person feeling horrible. And that can lead to depression.

Anxiety can be known to cause you to miss out on a lot of things. And it can cause you to miss chances.

And when those things happen it can cause the person to start to feel horrible. With themselves, with the world, and with the things causing them this anxiety.

And those things can all lead to self-doubt, self hate, and frustration.

With can lead to depression.

I mean when your head is filled with crippling thoughts of self-doubt why wouldn’t that lead to depression? Especially when self-doubt is a big thing in depression.

And what sucks is that in can all go spiraling out.

The anxiety leading to depression which leads to more anxiety.

And it just keeps going around and around until is seems to be just getting more and more out of control.

And it all just leads to the person asking themselves how to get it all to just stop.

Sometimes it can feel like to much. Like it just seems like everything is getting out of control with no way to get it to slow down.

And it just keeps getting worse and worse.

And it may seem like bad advice but I think that the best thing to do is just to stop.

To stop moving, to just sit down and take a breath and maybe let it all out.

To gather your thoughts and maybe find out the ‘why’ and maybe after that work and the ‘how’ of how you got to this point.

But just stopping for a moment and not rushing forward in all of your panic can be a good way to let everything just sink in.

And hopefully after that you can start moving forward without the panic causing you to rush in circles.

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