Ways I Use to Combat Depression

Depression, like anxiety is something that I have had almost my whole life. But I do have some things that I find helps in some situations to fight my depression. And here they are.

  1. Tea. Just as I use it to combat my anxiety I also use tea for my depression. I find that a nice hot cup of tea is soothing and calms me down. It gives me something to focus on when I need it.
  2. Funny Pictures/Sayings. I have a folder and wall full of funny sayings or of quotes characters from my favorite shows and books said. So when I am feeling down I like to just open up that folder and read the funny stuff. The picture above is actually one of the pictures in my folder.
  3. Funny Movies. Like number 2, I like to just lose myself in a funny movie and just forget about the world around me. It’s nice to just focus on the funny characters and forget about myself and my problems for a little while.
  4. Medication. This is something that I use when my depression is at its very worst. I don’t like to be on medication constantly. And I am lucky to have found one that works for me and does not give me to bad side effects.
  5. Dogs. I have mentioned in lots of posts that I have dogs. And you have probably found an article somewhere about the benefits of dogs with a person with depression or anxiety. for me though I can agree with them. My dog is someone who pulls me through it when I have been at my worst in my depression. And I will always count on her.

And just like in my post ‘Ways I Use to Combat my Anxiety’ these are the ways that I use. They might not work for you. I have found that medication is a hit or miss for people. But I do hope that this has gotten somebody thinking about the ways that they can or do use to help with their depression.

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