Voicing your Anxiety & Depression

One of the hardest things can be trying to voice your anxiety or depression to another person. Trying to put into words what it does to you or what it feels like can be hard.

One of the reasons that I got into writing is that I find writing much easier than voicing what I feel. It can be easier to write down everything then trying to find the right words and then trying to get them to leave your mouth.

And then trying to put it into a way that another person can understand it can be hard.

And when the person has no experience with anxiety or depression it make the whole experience harder.

But this really isn’t about voicing it to other people. This is about voicing it to yourself.

having anxiety and depression can be like having a weighted blanket wrapped around you at all times.

And it can make you try to push it away, push it out of your thoughts.

But that doesn’t really work now does it?

So sitting down and just voicing it, be it on paper, in your head, or out loud,.

It will bring everything to the forefront of your thoughts, bring everything to the surface.

But if you just be honest about everything. How it makes you feel, what it feels like, everything. It gets it all out.

Letting it all out, acknowledging it can help.

Accepting that this thing is there, that it affects your life. And yes it sucks that you have to go through this but it’s apart of you.

Because you will find that when you start to give a voice to it all that a lot of stuff is there, all these thoughts, feelings, emotions, and even sensations that run through you because of your anxiety and depression. And it can end up all tumbling out leaving you shaken, but also maybe a little bit lighter.

Knowing all of this and letting out everything that it does and feels like and do as you try to just go about your day can make things a little bit lighter.

It won’t make it go away, but it can make things a little easier to bear.

And maybe you can use this as a step to voicing it to the ones that you love and that love you.

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