Using Social Psychology to Help with Social Anxiety

I have written a post on using psychology to help with anxiety but I thought I would like to go into the use of social psychology specifically.

In my other post ‘Learning Psychology To Help With Anxiety’ I went into detail about how the use of psychology can help you feel more at ease with yourself.

And I think I added some information on social psychology.

But that post was more about using psychology to help understand yourself more and how to use it to help you settle yourself more.

But social psychology I find can also be of use for if you find yourself more on the social awkward side of things. Or if you just find social situations anxiety inducing.

Before we get into anything I thought I would lay down what social psychology is for anybody that is not a psychology buff like I am.

If you put it into the search engine this is what you get.

‘the branch of psychology that deals with social interactions, including their origins and their effects on the individual.’

So this is the branch of psychology that tells you how and why people react when a certain thing is done.

Take the experiments in social conformity.

If a group of people got into an elevator and faced the back and others got in and found then like this most likely they would end up doing it also.

Or the experiment with the beep and the waiting room.

This was when in a waiting room when a beep went off the people stood up and then sat back down. The people not in on this saw this and started to do it. Even when they left the room.

So what can you take from this? People Do What Others Do.

You can also use this branch of psychology with other things.

I mentioned in passing in my other post the ‘foot in the door’ approach and ‘the bystander affect’.

‘Foot in the door’ is when you ask for something little to get them to agree to it before getting bigger and bigger with it. And It Works.

And ‘the bystander affect’ is when something happens in front of a large group of people. Like someone being hit by a car. Nobody does anything because they all expect someone else to do it. Also True.

And those are just some of the things that yo can find from learning some social psychology.

You can also use it to learn how people react and why they do what they do.

And you can use it to help you in social situations or job interviews.

So I really do recommend taking a little time to learn a little social psychology to help you out. It can really help you out.

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