Using Research, Imagination, And Experience When Writing

When writing I think it is a good thing when you use all three of these things. Not just one or the other, but all of them mixed together.

Our writing tend to come from our imagination. That’s where we find our story, our characters, our word.

And we draw on that word and story with out research. We build on it, make it more real, give it rules.

And through our experience we bring our characters and their lives to life. We use what we know and have done or been through and build our characters.

And as we go one writing we build on all three of those things and we make the story more real and fleshed out.

We research our experiences and find out how others felt and did when they lived them.

We use our imagination to warp and change our experiences to fit the characters life. Changing them to fit their word and life.

And we research our imagination to see what we can find that is like what we imagine. To find inspiration and build on what we have. We bring it all to life.

And one and one it goes as we write.

We use all three of those things together and mixed to make the word that we have created in our heads onto paper and more real than ever before.

And to me that’s a good thing.

I don’t think that you can create a story from just imagination or research. It would end up to dull and lifeless.

And that is not what I go for when I write.

So I will continue going on and using all three of these things as I go on writing.

And maybe you will to.

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