Use your Anxiety and Depression as a Writer

Using your experience is something that every writer should do. And that does not just have to be the good experiences.

I write tragedy, that is my thing. Though all of my stories have to have a happy ending.

I also suffer from an Anxiety disorder (General Anxiety Disorder) and depression.

Those things suck.

But I can put them to good use.

The characters in my novel have a slew of problems. Some fixable, some not.

And I can identify with some of them.

You see, because I like to write realistic people I like to use real problems and disorders. And that is where my disorders can come in handy.

I know what it can feel like to have these types of problems. So I write down these things onto paper.

Depression and Anxiety is something that I live with everyday. And I can use that when I write.

It is okay to use your bad experiences in your writing.

That does not mean that you have to. Some of your experiences might not be of use. Some of them you don’t want to share.

But these things don’t have to only be the bad parts of your life. You can use them to make something good.

And when I do use them I actually find it kind of therapeutic.

Letting out all of these feelings and experiences and fears and sadness. Its letting it all out. Getting it out of my body and mind for a little while.

And sure it can leave me drained, but it kind of sets me free for a while. Leaving me without worry or fear.

And its nice knowing that I am putting all of this to good use. Making a great story out of all of this pain and anxiety that is in my life.

And who knows, it might help you.

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