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Unhelpful Words Of Comfort Said to Depressed People

When you are depressed your family and friends just want to help. But sometimes the things they say Are Not Helpful. They try though and that’s nice.

Don’t Be Sad

Its kind of funny. I know that they are just trying to help and just telling you that they don’t want you to be sad. But to me it’s like telling an angry woman to calm down. What happens when you tell an anger woman to calm down? They get more mad? Not helpful. The thought counts though.

Cheer Up

Same as the last one, they are just trying to help you feel not so sad anymore. But don’t you think that we would cheer up if we could. And ya you trying to help me does help. But ‘Cheer up’ is not something that helps.

Think Positive

Don’t you think that we would if we could? It’s not just a matter of ‘thinking positive’. Especially when your brain is telling you horrible things. And we might be trying to think positive but our brain is over-riding them.

Just Don’t Think About It

Again, don’t you think that we would be doing that if it was that easy? We might be trying to do that but having trouble with it. Or it might just be hard to not think about it.

And their you have it, things that don’t help when said to someone with depression.

But one thing that you should keep in mind is that they are most likely not trying to hurt you when saying this.

They are just trying to help, but don’t know that this is not helping.

They care about you.

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