Understanding the why’s of Anxiety

Something that can really help with anxiety is understanding why you are feeling this way. And that  goes beyond just understanding what situation makes you anxious.

Coming to understand why you are feeling anxious about the situations is something that can come to help you find what makes you feel this way. And on what about this situation sets you off.

The best thing to do is to understand what thoughts are racing through your head in those moments. And after realizing those thoughts, coming to understand if they are true or not.

And once you have come to discover those thoughts then you can come to counter those thoughts.

And on it goes as you come to discover more and more about your anxiety.

So even if thinking about these anxieties are not something that you probably don’t want to think about it would help to do so.

It probably won’t feel comfortable. And you will probably have trouble picking out those thoughts and reasons.

And trying to counter those thoughts will be something that will give you some trouble.

And it may take some time to do all of this.

But even with all of those problems it can be worth it to do this.

Because once you have come to understand the why’s, you can start to understand it more.

And after coming to understand it more you can start to figure out how to lessen it, maybe even stop it.

So sitting down with yourself might be worth it to try.

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