Trying New Things Is Kind of Cool (Autism)

Trying new things is hard for pretty much everybody. Some people struggle with it more than others yes, but I think each of us has a little bit of a struggle to push out self to try new things.

And this could be any number of reasons. From going to a new place, to trying to build a new habit, or trying a new food.

but I really do think that trying something new or going out of your way to do something different is really a cool thing to do.

Now I am not going to sit here and say that that’s everything that someone needs to know to go out and try new things. ‘Oh, its cool? Guess I can just go out and try that weird food I saw at the market the other day.’

Let’s be honest its not that easy for everybody. No matter what others say or how much we wish it is.

Autism for one makes it so one goes out of their way to not go out of routines. And that makes it so you really have to work to be able to get to a place that you can try new things. Usually with lots of plans and steps to get to that point.

Anxiety is another thing that can make it really hard to try new things. I mean your anxiety is already building when you do things that you usually do. Like order your usual at the restaurant so why make it worse by trying something new?

Deciding to try something new and just doing it right then and there is something that I wish everybody could just do.

but all of this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try new things.

I know, I know, I just said that its hard. But you really don’t have to do something big to try something new.

You don’t have to a restaurant with your friends and try octopus to start.

It could be something as small as trying a different coffee cream, or going into that cool looking shop you saw.

If I think about it, I try new things all the time without doing a lot of the ‘big’ things one thinks about.

But I am constantly making different kinds of cookies that I found on the internet. And yes, some of them we not that great (I.e. the grossest thing I have ever tasted) but some of them became a favorite of my family.

I mean one of the reasons that I wanted to write this post was because I am currently sick as a dog and well, I have a matcha set that I got for Christmas.

Now I like matcha, so I drink it from time to time. Its not my go to drink. (Which goes to Coffee or a good cup of tea)

But anyway, I decided to make a smoothie and I’m sick so I think ‘Why don’t I put some matcha powder in this? That’s supposed to be good for you right?’

So that’s what I did I. I of course hesitated at first, I mean what if its gross? What if I hate so much I make myself sicker? But I pushed through that and did it.

And I loved it. It tasted really, really good.

And I start thinking if I didn’t go out of my way to try something new, I wouldn’t have known that I really enjoyed this.

And with this in mind I might just be able to start taking steps to try to challenge myself to try to add some bigger new things in my life.

And hopefully you can to.

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