Tone is Important to the Story

The tone of the story can and probably will end up playing a big part in your story. And making sure its consistent it important.

I find that when you are writing a novel it comes with an overall tone and some smaller tones for different scenes.

And with those smaller tones I find that it’s important to make sure that the change of tone from one to another is not jarring.

Going from a tone with an overall funny tone and suddenly going into a more serous high shakes scene can leave the person reading it like they just got whiplash.

So making sure that they all line up and flow nicely is important.

Not to mention that it’s important to make sure that the overall tone stays the same. Be it a tone of mystery, fear, or any other.

That does not mean that you can’t sprinkle in some other things into the tone, like cracking a joke in a serious scene.

It’s just important to remember the overall tone you are going for and not getting to carried away with the joking.

Because if somebody is reading your work for a serious tone then they might end up getting frustrated when that’s not what they are getting.

And they will differently get frustrating with an ever-changing tone.

So think about the tone that you want or are going for and remember that.

And when you are reading over the work think on the tone that it’s giving. And ask others that are reading it what the tone they are getting from this chapter, or that chapter is.

And if it’s not what you where wanting think on it and try to find out why that is. And after you have found out why fix it.

So just keep the tone in mind while writing and remember that it’s okay to sprinkle in some others along the way as long as you don’t go overboard.

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