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To Become A Write You Have Actually To Write (Even When You Don’t Want to)

This seems to be kind of obvious if you think about it. But as someone who has heard people tell me that they were going to be a writer and then never written anything.

I Think that you should not become a writer if you have never written anything in your life for fun. And writing for school or things like that does not count.

Because I find that most of the people who say that don’t understand that you don’t just sit down at pop out a novel the next week or so.

And you don’t get to just do around and say that you are a ‘writer’ and not having written anything.

You could even just show me your short stories or poems and I would be like ‘okay, you’re a writer’. But having nothing to show that you are a writer means that you are not a writer.

And I find that most of the time that this ‘becoming a writer’ talk becomes something that you are just not supposed to mention around them because they get mad at you for asking about the novel they said they where working on.

And that is because as they try to actually write they find that Writing Is hard. And they find that a lot of stuff goes into it.

And so it just becomes something that they just tell people they are going to do. Because they thought they could just become a famous writer and just have to sit at chair for a few hours and just laze around the house the rest of the day.

And I might just be ranting here a bit but writing is hard. And people going off light that but not actually doing anything can be very frustrating.

Especially when I who spends most of the day actually tying to write a novel. The same novel that can sometimes make me pull my own hair out from frustration because writing will never be an easy thing.

but I am okay with that because I love writing anyway.

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