The Worst Advice to Get as a Writer

Everybody gets some bad advice now and again, be it on how to live your life, to what is bad to eat. And I have noticed that with writing advice a lot of the time they aren’t even someone who writes. So here are some of the worst advice given to me about being a writer.

  1. Write What Is Popular. This usually comes from someone who wants to make your book popular, to make it rich, to help you find a great idea for your story. But they are wrong. Trends don’t last, popular books get moved on from. At some point the readers are going to be tired of that trend and move on. Not to mention that your book will always be compared to the other books. Writing what is popular is just going to make your book more forgettable in the sea of similar books.
  2. Self Publishing Will Be Easy. This is very, defiantly Not True. Just because you don’t have to go through the hoops of some publishing companies does not mean that self publishing your work is going to be a walk in the park. You have to research, find out how to distribute your books, how to get it printed, how to get it on to kindle and other apps, and on, and on it goes. I am not even at the stage of publishing yet and I am neck-deep in research.
  3. You Don’t Need It Professionally Done. Yes you do. Have you ever looked at a books cover and thought it looked horrible so you didn’t read it? Or looked at spelling errors in works and just never finished it? That it why it needs to be professionally done. But sure if you have the skills or resources to be able to make a nicely done cover yourself then sure go ahead. But I will just have to leave it up to the professionals.
  4. Self Publishing Is Cheap. The person who said had no clue. Paying for everything yourself is not cheap. You have to pay for editing, covers, printing, and on and on it goes. So no it is not cheap.
  5. Just Take A Break, You’ll Get It Done Eventually. No you won’t, not if you are not constantly working on it. Writing takes time, so if you are constantly stopping you will never get it done.
  6. Writing Will Be An Easy Job. This person has probably never tried to write a book before. They probably just have the image of sitting around and creating stories while not have to get out of bed. The not having to get out of bed part can be true, and I am one of the many writers who works in her pajamas. But Like I said in number 5, writing takes time. It is long hours and constant frustration. And like I said in number 2 self publishing is a lot of research. And even if you aren’t going to self publish you are still going to have to research publishing houses and get into contact with them. So no it’s not easy.

And on, and on I can go. If you tell someone you are a writer you are bound to be given some bad piece of advice from someone who has never even tried writing a book. but for every bad piece of advice I have been given I have gained Some good ones too.

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