The Why’s to ask Yourself when Writing a Book

Something that you will probably be asked a lot is why? Why write a book? But it is also something that you should be asking your self also.

Your reason for writing a book plays a big part in writing your book.

I think it also plays a big part in how much you put into your book.

For people who just want a fast way to make money, or become famous, then they don’t put as much time or effort into writing. They may not even finish the book at all.

So your reason for writing should be something to think about. Why do you write? Why do you want to publish a book?

I think that these can play a big part in your writing.

Your reason might let you put more of your self into the book. Or put more emotion or character traits.

If your reason for writing is that you want to make people laugh, then you might put more happy emotion into it. Or more funny character traits.

When if you want to touch people emotionally then you might put more heavy emotions into it and more hurt characters.

It lets you think about who you want to read your work and what you want them to feel while reading it.

For myself I want to touch people with my novel. I want them to feel something for my characters and their struggles.

And so I keep that in mind while I write.

And that helps me keep on track with what I want. It helps me keep the set pace and the right emotions.

So to me the ‘Why’s’ are just as important as any other step I take in my writing process.

And it’s something that you should think about.

Why do you write?

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