The struggles of Looking Younger Than You Are

I look way younger than I am. As a person who is about to be turning 19 in two weeks I am constantly mistaken as 10.

People are always telling me that I’ll love with when I am older, but what about the years up until them?

I went to see the remake of IT in theaters. Now In Canada, which is were I live, the movie is rated 14A. I almost didn’t get let into the theater.

Another thing is that everybody swears in my family, my nephew swears and hes twelve. But me if I say one bad word I get told to not do that. And its not because I am a girl, because the women in my family can be worse than truckers if they want to.

I am also not allowed to hang out in the garage with the adults, some of them even get uncomfortable if I do.

Not to mention being told I have to have an adult with me to by the game I wanted. Or being treated like a child by strangers.

Or the horror of finding out that my nephew’s friend asked if I am his sister, and knowing that they have a crush.

now I don’t help the matters by not wearing makeup that often (it sets off my Sensory Progressing Disorder more often then naught) or being the 4 foot 9 and around 90 pounds.

But it can feel embarrassing and frustrating when you just want to be treated like the adult you are.

I am told that I will love it when I am older, that I am lucky that I can wear anything I want. And sure I appreciate it as much as I can, but I feel like their words are hollow when I know they don’t mean it.

But I wish they would try to understand from my point of view now at this very moment is. Sure it might be great when I am older, but it has little upsides at this age.

But that’s just my experience and complaints, others might love it and have some great experiences with it.

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