The Romanticized World of a Writing Career

When people think of making a career of writing they think of people like J.K Rowling, or Stephen King. Or any other person who makes it big and has made billions on it.

People think of writing as sitting down and putting out books by the second. And that is possible, there are writers that put out books by the month. But it’s not the easiest of things to do.

And most of all people think of writing as just having to put words down on paper.

People think of it as an easy and fun career to have.

But something that writers know is that writing has the ability to make you miserable.

It can make you doubt everything, from your ability to write anything good, down to your self-confidence.

Writing can consume your life leaving you with nothing to talk about to others as all you do is spend the day writing.

And all of this is something that when you start down the path of writing you find out. So it can get a little annoying when someone who fantasizing about being a writer talks about how easy and fun and non stressful it would be.

When they wave off the things that you say about writing as nothing because its only putting words down on paper.

And as a writer you know that it’s a lot more than that.

But as a writer you know that it’s not all bad, because writers are not that much of a masochist to become a writer with no fun sides to it.

So really writing is like most other career, it has its down sides and its up sides. It’s not the perfect easy career, but it’s not a nightmare job either.

So non-writers, lets understand that when writers complain about writing it’s not whining about the perfect job of ours, it’s because writing is making us want to pull out hair out at the moment.

But we got into this job for a reason so we’ll get through this rough patch. So just be the shoulder to cry on until then.

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