The Opening of Your Book is Important

When writing a novel you will find that the opening is everything. And sure it is not the most important that goes to the cover followed by the synopsis.

And sure you might wave this off but if you think about it its true. ‘Ever judge a book by its cover’, we say that because its true.

And we also judge the opening of the book on if we should read on or not.

And yes it sucks.

Because the beginning is always the hardest to write.

But this is not me saying that you should spend days trying to write the best opening that you can.

It’s just that you should keep that in your head.

And if you have to after you are done your first draft you can go back and read it over. And get others to read it over and get them to give their honest opinion.

And remember to make sure that they know to spare feelings. Because even if what they say hurts your feelings they are telling you what needs to be fixed before you go out and publish it, or send it off to publishing company.

But before you beginning writing the beginning your should have in mind what type of opening that you want to have. Be it with a pro-log, in the middle of something, a question, or any of the many, many others.

And it would be a good idea to find out what the types of openings there are and which one you want to use.

Because the opening of your novel is going to be the thing that hooks your reader, or turns them away.

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