The Impossible want to be Perfect, and the Humanity in not Being So

Everybody wants to be perfect. Be it at a specific thing, or just striving to be perfect at everything.

Everybody has had at least on thing that they have wanted to be perfect at. Be it academically focused, or in how we are perceived.

But humans aren’t made that way.

Everything about humans is less then perfect.

We forget words, we forget other people’s names, And lets not forget the times when you lose your glasses/Phone only to find that that you have it in your hand or were wearing them.

Even our body messes up, things like bad eye sight, or eye sight that gets worse over time, and let’s not even get into when our body seriously messes up.

And our minds are even worse at not being perfect.

Things like False Memory, which is when our brains Make Up memories from our childhood that never happened, our how as we bring up a memory for recall it changes every time you bring it up. That means that at some point the whole things is so different then what really happened.

But really what all this adds up to it that we are not made to be perfect. Not a single thing about us.

So we shouldn’t strive to be perfect.

Instead you should strive to be the best you can be. And if that best isn’t what you want, then strive to improve on it.

But don’t strive to be perfect.

Because I can see the humanity in being the mess of a person that I am. And sure, I have the frustration and anxiety from not being perfect and messing up.

But as life goes on and I get a better grasp on things I can continue to get better. Not perfect, but just continuing to do and improve on my best.

And hopefully you can to.

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