The Girl Who Stole the Queen’s Eyes: Book Review

Extine’s magic eyes have kept her kingdom safe for generations. But the magic is leaving, and Extine? she is going to get them back.

(I was given this book as a ARC or Advanced Reader Copy given through NetGalley as an audiobook for an honest Review. All of these thoughts are mine and at no point was I pressured or swayed in my opinion)

This book comes out on July 13 2021


Dubious consent (off screen/mentioned)

I would rate this a 2.7/5

The premise and world building was wonderful and had so much that I wanted to explore. But I felt that the execution was lacking a bit.

Camilla has been praised for her eyes for years

But after years of that being the only thing that people seem to take notice about of about her. Things are taking a turn. When her eighteenth birthday comes to pass things around her are taking a turn for the weird.

Especially when she suddenly seems to have some type of hypnotic control powers that come over her when people make eye contact with her.

And Camilla’s mother? She seems to know more than she is willing to tell her.

And speaking of weird, the castle that shimmers in view on the lake?

But that’s not all that has taken a turn for the weird. A castle that seems to be appearing over the lake when it wasn’t there before? Yeah that’s weird.

Let’s not also forget the strange new people that seem to be showing up around town? Strangers who seem to want something from Camilla.

Extine’s family have ruled for years with the power of there eyes

Past down from first born, to first born, there eyes have had the power to keep there kingdom hidden from the world for generations. But when the rulers own first born comes of age they lose the power as it goes to the child.

Which is the fate that has befallen Extine at this exact moment. And Extine? her first born has not yet come of age.

And with Extine’s powers slipping her kingdom is on the brink of being revealed to the world. Extine has to do something to keep herself and her kingdom safe.

Which means that she has to find the person who has stolen her eyes.

I Loved the World Building

This book was filled to the brim with world building and lore that I wanted to skin my teeth into. The kingdom that Extine ruled, her family line, the power of her eyes. All of this I wanted to know more about.

I wish there was more of that was explored in this book as I definitely think that it would have added more to the story. Both to make it more immersive, and in knowing why the story was playing out the way that it did.

The characters were interesting but hard to follow

the characters were interesting in concept and had a lot of potential. There storylines being something that I would have loved to follow.

I wanted to spend more time with them in places. Know more about why there are the way there are. (another nod to wanting more world building)

But I felt the character continuity was lacking in places. And that in turn made the dialogue not flow very well and gave me whiplash in places.

Speaking of dialogue

While the story kept me engaged the dialogue pulled me out of the story from time to time and the characters switched personality and mood from time to time.

Some of them going from mad at a character and snappish to a sudden one eighty and moving on.

This book has a lot of potential

I feel like this could be a great book if it got a little more polish and time. There was some great things in it from the world building, to the characters in it.

And with a little more work it could definitely be something work checking out. But not right now.

You can find out more about the book Here

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