The Dangerous Kingdom of Love: Book Review

Francis Bacon, currently on the outs with King James, begins a series of plots to get back into his graces. But these plots have consequences.

The Dangerous Kingdom Of Love book cover

(I was given this book as a ARC or Advanced Reader Copy given through NetGalley as an audiobook for an honest Review. All of these thoughts are mine and at no point was I pressured or swayed in my opinion)

This book comes out 15 Jul 2021 

This is a adult, LGBTQ+, Historical fiction

Francis Bacon wants power

But Carr, lover and current favorite of King james is in the way. Worst he is plotting to get Bacon out of the way.

But Bacon won’t just take this lying down. He will live to plot another day. He just has to find the right way to go about this. Just a little time and he’ll have his own plot to get what he wants.

And he might have found the perfect person to use to get his way

But the person that he set up to remove Carr? He might turn out to be Bacon’s own downfall if he doesn’t watch his step.

And the kingdom of love is a dangerous. And it can lead to anyone’s downfall. But Bacon refuses to let something like love make him fall. He refuses to fall.

This was a all around 5/5 for me.

This book was written in a way that kept me hooked and made for an enjoyable read. I could not put this book down, needing to know how the plotting of the characters where going to go.

Even knowing how history plays out doesn’t change this.

The Characters were enjoyable to follow

Neil Blackmore’s writing of the characters made me stick around. Every character was fun to follow. None of the characters were boring to be in a scene with.

Even the villains were entertaining to read. And Bacon, our POV characters, thoughts and inner monolog about the characters around them made for good entertainment.

But the plot what was what made me read this in one sitting

I could not put this book down.

All the schemes that where running were interesting and made me want to stick around to find out how they were going to end. Who was going to come out on top

And when one scheme wrapped up, another one just as interesting took its place. I was hooked to the very end.

Speaking of the ending.

The ending broke me. This is a historical fiction with real life characters, so you can guess how things play out.

But even with that in mind Neil Blackmore shifted things enough that things didn’t play out exactly how history does. And when it does go the way that it does in history, how we get to those events where interesting and changed at places.

And so the ending broke me. But it wasn’t just because of how history plays out.

Toward the very end a revelation comes out that shook me to the core. Now some people might be able to have seen this. And might have taken this revelation in from the very start of things. But I didn’t, and it made me take everything in, in a different way.

This will make any re-read a new experience if you didn’t get the revelation (Like I did) making this a book that you can take in more than once.

So please give this book a change if any of this is your thing.

Because I definitely will be coming back to this book an some point.

You can check this book out HERE

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