The Ever-Present Anxiety of Calling to Order Food

Anxiety comes and goes in a lot of ways. You get better at some anxiety inducing situations. You learn how to control the others.

And so you slowly start to get better and better and situations that you once could not face. ones that now can be faced head on and now only give you some anxiety.

But that one situation stays anxiety inducing no matter how many times you face it. No matter how many times you try to make it less anxiety filled.

But nothing seems to work.

No matter how many times you call to order your usual pizza from your usual pizza place your heart still races and your palms still sweat while you do it.

Why is this?

Well this can be for a couple of reasons that all really boil down to one thing in general.

One of them is the feeling that you will be judged for what you are ordering, or on how you go about ordering it.

And really that can make you feel like you are being judged on the anxious way that you are going about trying to order. And that can make a whole circle of feeling judged, getting anxious because of it, and then getting anxious over getting judged for being anxious.

And that can be hard to stop. I mean it’s hard to get your brain to not focus on being judged on something that people probably don’t even notice or care about. Because well, no matter how many times you tell your brain that, it still just goes in a cycle of “But what if they are

The next thing is fear of the person not understanding you or them not putting down the wrong thing as your order.

This is usually because if they don’t end up understanding you or they don’t get what you are ordering it can end up an embarrassing situation. (again the feeling of being judged)

And embarrassing situations as a whole can be anxiety inducing enough to avoid said situation as to not have the chance of it happening. (Situation avoidance, which I have a post about here

Or it can end up with them misunderstanding what you were saying and then putting down the wrong thing. And in that case you are going to have to correct them which can cause anxiety. Or end up just going along with what they put down and end up with the wrong thing that you didn’t want. Which can be very disheartening and end up not wanting to try again.

Another thing is that you could just feel like them not understanding can make them irritated and impatient with you. (Again going back to the feeling of being judged)

So really the situation can just be a huge mess of anxiety.

But the thing is that all these reasons can boil down to one big thing.

Performance Anxiety.

That is all this really is.

Of course knowing this does not mean that the situation is magically fixed. Knowing why you get anxious ordering food on the phone does not mean that now the next time you go and order food that all the anxiety is going to be gone because you know why you are having it.

But what it can do is point you in the right direction of trying to fix it.

Knowing the reason you get the anxiety rise can make it so that you can start to look for ways to fix it and mitigate what is happening.

Because every type of anxiety has ways to lower its affect on you.

It’s just a matter of finding the one that works for you.

And hopefully know that you know the reasons for your anxiety you can move forward with finding the way to fix it.

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