The Curse of Being Short

I am a very short woman, standing at around 4 foot 9 inches. This leads to all kinds of problems in life.

Like how I have to have a chair to reach to top shelves of cupboards. Or sometimes just have to get onto the counter to reach something. Or when I am at a store I have to see if someone will help me get something.

Not to mention that it doesn’t help that I look younger that I am so adding my height problem I am often mistaken for a child at times by strangers.

Or having to constantly look up at friends who are way, way taller then me.

I mean I was so excited when I was younger and I had grown taller then the shopping carts in stores. That was a big thing for me.

Not to mention being shorter than my 12 year old nephew is not something that I am proud of. Or when I am mistaken as his sister by his friends and friends of my sister who ask if I am also her kid.

One of the worst experiences I have had was when I was in high school and this boy asked me if I was a midget.

But you would be surprised that that was not a one time thing. I have been asked that by multiple people in high school. And sure most of them didn’t mean anything by it and when about asking me politely.

Well not the boy. The boy just point blank asked me that rudely. I had to stop my self from snapping and punching him in the face, multiple times.

And sure being short can have some perks. Like being able to wear cute outfits from most places. And not being expected do do any heavy lifting when the heavy lifting is my weight.

So sometimes the good and the bad are equal. And sometimes the bad or the good out weight the other.

But I find I ca work with my height. At least I can always get away with hearing heels. That is definitely a plus.

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