The Challenges of Life and Anxiety

The things about having any type of anxiety disorder is that life is usually either an uphill battle or stumbling along at a (somewhat) steady pace.

And going about said life is really just going through a series of challenges, some big, and some small, and trying to figure out the way to win them. And winning these challenges leave you with the code to how to skate through any more encounters you may have with them, (Kind of like playing a game on New Game+, if I have any gamers out there) you have the things you need to autopilot your way through it sometimes, but which sometimes have some new added pieces to them here and there.

But when you have an anxiety disorder, this can change things up in the way a drop of water shakes the pond.

And with this comes having to go through these challenges, along with some new ones popping up as you try to go along.

Not to mention that these challenges can become infinitely more harder when new things keeping being added. But the older ones that have not changed leave you still struggling to get through them.

And so as life goes on and you get older you try to find the balance of the two types of challenges so they don’t overwhelm you.

But sometimes you can’t quite manage to find the right balance at that precise moment in your life.

And sometimes you will end up overwhelmed with life’s challenges or anxiety’s, maybe even both.

And at that moment trying to find a way out of it can seem hard, or just impossible.

Taking a step back is not possible, taking a breath isn’t available, anything and everything that has been recommend to you by anyone does not seem to be viable.

But like every one of life’s challenges, both life’s usual ones, or anxiety’s, are ones that you can get through.

You’ve got through the ones before this, this one will be the same as those last ones.

Because both types of challenges can be beat, It’ll just take you finding your way through.

Because that’s what life is. Going through challenges head-on as you move forward toward something, be it some victory or another challenge.

Some of next challenges will be easier, some harder, and some the same.

But this is life.

And the only way is to continue forward.




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