The Anxiety of Putting your Hand Up

The anxiety you get when putting your hand up, be it literally in a class, or figuratively by just putting out your ideas can be hard. And it can stop you from letting out the ideas or feelings about what is being talked about.

This can happen for a number of reasons from just the anxiety of having to say your piece in front of a group of people who listening or because they might think that your idea is stupid.

And I am never one let my anxiety stop you from expressing oneself be it with writing, drawing, or any other type of expression.

So Why Let Anxiety Stop You From Saying Your Ideas And Thoughts On something?

Because isn’t your ideas and thoughts on a subject you expressing yourself? Because that what I see it as.

And of course it’s not that easy to stop the anxiety of putting your hand up like that. So I’m not going to say that you should just stop letting it affect you.

But finding ways to manage are possible.

Like I mention in a lot of my posts it will probably take a while and a struggle to find a way that works. But it can happen.

And you can’t let anxiety rule your life, and especially rule your expression of self.

So put your hand up even when the anxiety is coursing through you and say your piece. You might just feel a little better because of it. Or you might not.

But at least you have the sense of victory of knowing that you didn’t let anxiety win this.

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