The Anxiety of Making Goals a Reality

Something that can cause a lot of anxiety is having a goal that you want to reach. Goals that one wants to reach can put a lot of pressure on a person.

This anxiety can come  from many reasons, from not knowing if you can make this goal that you have, to having a goal but not knowing all the steps to reaching it.

And even when you have the steps as you keep moving forward to the next one you can find your anxiety rising and rising as you continue to try to keep steady while moving toward it.

And sometimes you can fail to reach your goal. This could be from just failing somehow or something getting in the way of it.

But sometimes a persons anxiety can get in the way and make them stumble and fall. That in turn making the person fail to reach the goal.

In those cases it can feel worse because it can feel like yourself caused you to fail to reach this goal.

It can make it feel like your own mind rebelled and got in the way of the goal that you wanted to reach.

Making it so that your own mind stopped you from being able to do what you wanted to.

And that can really hurt.

Because you failed, not because of some strange circumstance getting in the way or just failing to put your all into it.

Trying hard did nothing to help because your own mind stopped you from moving forward.

All of this can happen, and all of this anxiety as you try to move forward with your plans probably will happen.

But if you just break your goal into small steps and continue to stumble forward you can slowly start to make it toward your goal.

So use every step you take toward your goal to prove to your anxiety that you can make it.

because every step forward brings you closer to that goal. And that enough should be proof to your anxiety that You Can Make It.

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