The Anxiety of Causing Conflict

Something that can really ramp up anxiety for me is the possibility to make conflict with the people who are close to me.

Having to say something that could cause conflict or hurt someone can make it hard to say what I want to say to someone.

Though that does not mean that if someone starts conflict with me that I will back down and do nothing, because that is just not true. And I find that I can say something if I am not close or family to the person.

But when that person is close this can lead to not getting the words that I want to say out in the open.

And if you are like me and go through this it can suck.

Anxiety of conflict can cause a lot of problems with people for a person.

It can make it hard to say what you want to. And sometimes it can stop you from saying what you need to.

And it can be hard to find a way to stop this from happening. Because you never really want to hurt the ones that you love, and the possibility of doing just that can stop your words in its tracks.

And sometimes it can be an easy fix of just really thinking about if you know for sure that what you’re going to say is going to hurt them. Or if you are just thinking about the worst outcome.

And sometimes what you need to say can and maybe will cause conflict. But if this problem is truly important and needs to be said then you might just have to say it.

But doing that can be the problem. I mean it can be easy to say that it’s important so you are just going to have to not put to mind the consequences and just let it out.

Because letting it out can just end up doing what you  anxiety is making you think it will do. Cause conflict and that conflict lead to the worst thing of all hurting the ones that you love.

And I wish that I could tell you the way to fix all of this, but really there is no easy or magic fix to it all, not technique to working past it all.

Or at least not one that I have found yet. But maybe with time finding a balance is possible.

And at the moment it’s just a matter of having that anxiety inducing worst scenario and trying to think on with how much you know this person how they would react based on experience.

And with that based reaction thinking on if you really want to and really can get the words out.

And its important to remember that if it’s really important to you should think about that more than you think on the consequences of it all.

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