Ternary By Kristin L. Stamper: Book Review

Ternary by Kristin L. Stamper

Living Post AI Human War. Elora, an illegal half android on her way to a trial for her life stumbles into something that changes everything.

(I was given this book as a ARC or Advanced Reader Copy given through NetGalley for an honest Review. All of these thoughts are mine and at no point was I pressured or swayed in my opinion)

This book comes out May 31st 2021

Trigger warnings:

This book contains: Physical Assault, Graphic Violence, Medical Harm, Character Being Treated As ‘Other’/Less Than Human, Physical Restraint, and Torture

This is a solid 4.5/5

Ternary is a sci fi book with prominent LGBTQ characters in the cast. They coming in the form of both a gay character, and a Bi one. Both playing important roles in the story.

What can I say except that this book kept me hooked the whole way through. Consequently, at no point while reading this was a bored or pulled out of the story. I never felt the need to put this book down.

Elora Cussons our sarcastic snarky protagonist

On her way to a trial to determine her humanity, Elora is not willing to put up with others bullshit. She has enough of her own to deal with thank you very much.

This trial will determine if she is giving the right to be seen as alive. To be seen as something worth having free will. Therefore you can say she’s a little bitter.

In other words, can you blame her for being snarky when everyone around her clearly sees her as some object? a ‘Tin-Man’ if you will. Or sees her as some type of object to get something they want.

Like saving a crew member that has got themselves stuck in a place that humans can’t reach.

But saving Lieutenant Fuentes leaves some complications

Well she finished the mission to save Lieutenant Fuentes. All under duress of it being good for character moral for the trial. Of Course Elora is now in a predicament that leaves her in some trouble.

Sure Elora saved the day, became the hero of the hour. Whoop Dee Doo.

However, the mission didn’t go perfectly smooth. And it left Elore coming out of this mission with some complications that she can’t shake.

And these complications? They leave her already rocky life spirling as she gets caught up in someone else’s love story.

Above all, none of this she has any time for. Not when her life hangs on the opinion of a mass that believes that she is an abomination.

This book kept me hooked

throughout this book I was unable to look away needed to know what was going to happen. I was at no point pulled away from the story or wanted to put it down.

This book had me on edge throughout. Action pact moments leaving me tense as I read, needing to find out what was going to happen.

I felt the anger at characters for their actions toward Elora. Them seeing her as less than and a danger to society as whole.

Not to mention the author’s great job of writing Elora. Which left me able to see how this affects Elora and feel for what she is going through.

Speaking of Elora, She was a thoroughly enjoyable character to be with

Elora was a very in depth character, with her flaws on display just as much as her virtues. I can say that Elora is a complex character that was very well written.

What I enjoyed most about Elora was that she always has something to say. Most of the time in the form of a snarky or sarcastic comment.

Elora never misses a moment to say something, and it left me entertained while reading this book. Her tirade of constant remarks making a entertaining read.

But don’t be fooled into her not having her soft spots. Because she has those too, just waiting for a moment that she can let them free.

Now if only the world could quite beating her down she could let them loose more often.

Speaking of the world, The world building was alive and ripe with things to discover.

This book was filled with world building and and things. All of which adds to the story.

At no point while reading this did I feel like the information was redundant or filler not their advance anything. moreover all the information added up to make the world that I was experiencing more real and lived in.

This world lived and breathed and I enjoyed my time with it to the very last page.

By the end of the journey with this book I wanted more

To clarify I very much enjoyed my time with this book. And reaching the end of the book left me satisfied with the characters arc and how it concluded.

But This book did leave me lingering, wanting more.

I wanted to stay and continue to live with these characters even at the end.

In short, I can say that this is a book that I can recommend. Especially if you are a fan of Sci Fi and enjoy prominent LGBTQ characters. And great complect characters all wrapped around a snarky protagonist.

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