Tea for Anxiety

I have mentioned in at least two posts that I use tea to help with my anxiety. I am a big fan of tea and at one point in my life was drinking 3-4 cups a day, sometimes more. But I have found that it really does help with anxiety problems.

For one thing the smells of tea is something that can really be soothing. From the smell of peppermint from peppermint tea (Though to be honest I am not a fan of peppermint of any kind) to the smells of fruity tea.

And there are tons of studies and posts on the benefits of aromatherapy for all kinds of things, anxiety included.

And not to mention that the feel of the hot liquid going down can also help.

But other than all of that you kind find lots of things online on the benefits of different kinds of teas for anxiety.

Like Chamomile which people have found out through studies to be used to help remote relaxation (which is good because the tea called ‘Sleepy Time Tea’ wakes me up for some reason)

And as it’s a herb and not a medication some people like that instead of having to relay on medication.

though it is noticed that sitting down and having some time for yourself to take your tea is also something that helps.

But chamomile is only one of the many teas that people say help with their anxiety. And it is only a matter of going online and researching to find one that you would want to try.

But it should be known that if someone goes the herb route that if you are making it yourself and buying herbs that some of them can do harm. If you use them wrong or if you use to much of them.

And it will not be as strong as if you use a medication.

Not to mention that it probably wont last as long.

So it is something to make sure you don’t use wrong and hurt yourself.

But other than that it is something that could be of use for anxiety if you give it a try.

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