Anastasia Curtis Writes

Sudden Depression

I am not talking about depression that came out of know where when you woke up. I am talking about the depression that just hits you when you are going about your day.

You could be sitting their reading or watching a movie when it just hits me light a fright train.

At first you feel nothing, just numb, staring straight ahead at when you were looking at. Then feeling starts to seep back in.

And slowly the sadness starts to seep in. You feel it start to flood you from the inside. Sometimes you might still feel numb even when this is going on.

You don’t know why this suddenly happened but you are left with the results.

Of the sudden whirlwind of thoughts in your head. About everything and nothing that matters.

And you are left wounded and wondering were the bullet came from and how much damaged it has done.

With you wondering why this, why now?

With nothing and nobody to answer these questions, your mind to filled with anxiety and sadness.

And the worst part is that most of the time nothing has changed. At least on the outside.

You are still the same, still staring ahead and doing what you have been doing.

Looking to all the world the same.

When inside you are a mess.

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