Subvert your Cliches and Tropes

clichés can kill a story. They can make it predictable and boring. The same could be said for tropes.

Using tropes when writing is mostly a given. It happens a lot and that can be okay.

But it’s making sure that these tropes are not done in a clichés way. That will just lead to is becoming something that has been done hundreds of times before.

So the best thing to do is subvert them.

Take a clichés and change it up, make it your own.

Like taking the hero of a princess story and making him someone who has no idea what he is doing and having the princess be the one in charge.

And doing this can be a great way to get some new ideas for writing.

Don’t know what to write?

Take a cliché that you know of and think of ways to change it. To make it your own and put a twist on it.

That is always a good way to shake up a genre cliché that you have seen done hundreds of times before and still get somewhat on bored with it.

It gives you a chance to make it your own. To make it something that others won’t be thinking that they have already read this before.

So if you find that you are writing somewhat of a cliché think about what you can do to shake it up.

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