Stranger Interaction & Anxiety

Something that can set off your anxiety is stranger interactions. It could be anxiety for having to be social with them. It could be anxiety of them going to suddenly attack you. It could be just having to be around them.

But one thing is for sure is that being social or having to be around strangers can really set off every alarm that your anxiety has set up in your head.

It can suck, and it can really put a dent in everything.

When you want to go and do something, or talk to someone, but your anxiety of it having to do with a stranger can really not let you do that.

And even when you do go do thing you want your anxiety is making everything go haywire on you.

so really strangers can make the whole thing all around not great.

And it’s not like you can not interact with strangers.

Not unless you decide to be shut in and not talk to anyone on the phone or answer the door. Because strangers are everywhere.

Not to mention that this stranger anxiety kind of makes it hard to make friends because, well, they tend to start off as strangers.

So really the only thing you can do is try to suck it up and like with this ever-present anxiety.

And it can be hard. And you may want to quit at times.

But you can’t really do that can you?

Not without feeling like you have lost some battle, like you have failed somehow.

So I guess it’s only a matter of find the right balance, finding the right tools.

To find what you need to make it work.

To make sure that you can live with this anxiety.

And hopefully some day you do.

Find what you need that is.

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