Special Interests and Autism

Special interests are something that a person who has autism fixates on and pursues knowing everything about.

I have two special interests

I love the 1800s, more of an interest of England in that era, but I do branch out some to other places in that era.

I love learning everything from what they wore, to how they behaved, to how they lived and what they lived in. I like any other autistic love to talk about that special interest and will go on for hours about it.

My other special interest is languages. I love to try to learn them, to be able to speak, read, and write in them.

Right now I am trying to become fluent in Japanese as I have a two month trip planned that should happen in two to three years from now.

Special interest are something that you want to spend you whole day doing and learning about. Talking about them is a great way for someone to get me out of my shell and start talking to them.

They are something that is loved with a great passion, something that if we could would dedicate days doing.

It can lead us to becoming very knowledgeable about that topic, knowing everything about them.

It is also one of the things I love about being autistic.

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