Some Writing Habits Work for Some but not for Others

Something that you can find everywhere in the writing community is on writerly habits. I mean just a search of the word ‘writer habits’ comes up with pages and pages of searches to click on (But come on how many of us goes past the first page if were not looking for some specific page)

Every writer has something to say on this subject.

On how they do things, on how they do things, on how you should do things. Not even getting into the famous writer’s whole lists of post on how they do things.

And all of this is fine. It works for them and it gets them writing so everything is great.

And I’m not say that you shouldn’t listen to these types of things or try doing it their way. It might work for you like it does for them.

It also may not, and that is also fine.

Because people are different, and they need different things to try to get writing.

A lot of people say to write everyday for an example. And it could very well work.

But some people can’t write everyday, they just might not have the time to do that. They may burn out trying to do that.

And that also is fine.

Some people say to write and night because that’s when you are most creative. And that also is great advice. And it works for me very well being the night owl that I am. (my most recent tweet really bringing this to home)

But this doesn’t work for everybody. Some people are morning people and or just don’t like staying up late at night. I mean I can’t understand it but that’s just my insomniatic ass over here up at two-three in the morning before deciding its time to try to sleep.

So really there is no one size fits all writerly habit that works for everyone.

So just keep trying them out, or even just try to make your own that works for you. Because all it really takes is some experimentation to try and find something that works for you and you may be all good.

Because I am not saying that you shouldn’t try to find a writer habit that works for you. Because that’s not how all of this really goes.

If you only write when you feel like it or when things hit you then it’s not really likely that your going to get any of your projects done.

So, keep trying to find what works for you because if you continue pushing through it you can eventually find what works for you.

Continue writing until you find what works for you.

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