Social Cues & Autism

Social cues are not something that ever seems to come naturally for someone who is autistic. Sometimes you can understand and pick up on them, sometimes not.

Social cues are something that can be hard on an autistic person, with it being as much as a problem as reading facial expression.

Sometimes its hard to tell when we are supposed to talk, or if we are supposed to be doing somethings.

Sometimes it can be easier to tell if you are supposed to do something, but sometimes it’s just confusing.

And even if you get what the cue is it can still be confusing what they mean or what to do.

Like flirting for one. If you can recognize it that does not mean that you are able to know what to do. What to say back, or what to do.

This all can lead to lots of frustration during most social scenarios.

And sure you can learn to recognize then with some practice, but it can still trip you up sometimes. And when you do end up missing the cue it can really frustrate both you and the person you’re talking to.

And sometimes when the cue is not obvious on what you are supposed to do it can make it more confusing on what is wrong, and on what you missed.

But just like with reading facial expressions, it’s just something that has to be worked on and kept in mind.

It’s just something that you have to live with.

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