Social Anxiety Sucks, but Sticking to Plans Made can Help

Having social anxiety can really make life hard. It makes everything that has to do with socializing have to be done manually, all the while people without just breeze through social situations.

Like going to that group outing that you planned.

But going to that group event, even if you don’t want to, can help with social anxiety.

Sure, it won’t get rid of it, and you can still be filled with said social anxiety at said event.

But if you made plans to go, said yes and all that, then forcing your self to go through with it can really help.

This is because YOU made these plans, you wanted to do this enough do agree to go do this thing.

This new feeling of anxiety and not wanting to go are big on the day that you are supposed to go do this thing. It makes you want to get out of going, to call up and make up an excuse to for not being able to go.

But taking a breath and forcing your self to go even when the anxiety is weighing you down can really help.

Because you wanted to go do this thing, but your anxiety is making you feel like you want out of these plans.

And when you do get out of going you end up feeling down because you gave in and failed to go out and have a fun time.

And this makes everything worse, you feel bad, for the people that you had planned to hang out with, and at yourself, for not going out.

And this leads to a hole that you can fall into. Feeling bad for not going, not making plans because you feel terrible.

So, forcing yourself can really help get out of this whole, or maybe even stop you from falling into it.

Because you will probably have a fun time if you go.

Sure, you might feel horrible and filled with anxiety before you go, and on the way to the event.

But that will likely go away once you get lost in what you had planned.

And even if you do end up spending the even filled with anxiety, you still should be proud that you didn’t give into not going.

You accomplished something; you didn’t let your anxiety win.

And that should be more then worth forcing yourself to go out to some event.

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