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Social Anxiety and Bad Friendship

When you have social anxiety it can be hard to make friends. Most of the time you just sit quietly in the corner. But sometimes the friends you do make are the bad sort.

If you think about it most of the time when you are anxiety ridden you are the sort to not talk to people. So what do people do when you are the sort that looks like they don’t want to talk to people? They don’t really talk to you much.

But sometimes they do talk to you, and sometimes you hit it off with them and become good friends.

And sometimes you talk to them and you become friends but not really the good kind.

They might not be the good sort of friends for a verity of reason.

Sometimes it could be that they just end up using you for something, finding an easy target in your socially awkward self.

And sometimes it’s that they just are not a good crowd to run in. Be it because they are dangerous, mean, or just trouble makers.

But when you have anxiety it sometimes seems that you just seem to attacked these types of people.

But when you are socially awkward you tend to just go along with them, letting them lead the conversation or outing that they want to do.

And this can get you into some trouble.

And it can be hard when you just want to hand out with someone but you find that this might not be the type of person that is who it should be with.

But sometimes it might be the only one who you have at the moment.

And that can suck.

But what is really important is to think about this person if you should be hanging out with them.

Because it doesn’t matter if they are the only friend at the moment if they are not the right sort of person be with.

And if you have to detach from them then that is what you are going to have to do.

Even if it may hurt because they have been a friend to you it is important to think this situation through.

Because you don’t deserve a bad friend.

So if you have to break it off use that time for the better.

Maybe take some time for yourself to sort through your anxiety and work on that. Maybe after that you can work on getting some for the friends that are a better fit for you.

But nobody deserves a bad friend.

Not even the socially awkward and anxious.

2 thoughts on “Social Anxiety and Bad Friendship

  1. I often find myself in these situations – the people that gravitate towards me are often selfish and take advantage of the fact that I like to listen more than talk. Detaching is hard, but very neccessary!

    1. I have had trouble with this multiple times. And had two that I had to let go of because one kept ditching me without telling me that they would not be coming. And the other was a kind of troublesome person who liked to get in trouble. It was hard at the time because they were the only friends I had at the time but you are right it is necessary. But I hope you make some good friends to make up for all of the bad ones!

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