Small Talk and Anxiety

small talk can be the worst thing when you suffer from anxiety. Leading to many awkward silences and scrambles for things to say. And its worse when you both have anxiety.

When you have anxiety it can make talking to someone hard. But it can be worse when its small talk.

It can leave you not knowing what to say or if you are being weird or not. And when you think you said the wrong things in can be a horrible experience.

And when there are pauses in your conversation it can be worse. When  you both are just sitting there and not saying anything. Or when you both seem to be waiting for the other to say something.

And this can all happen to any person. But when you have anxiety it can be harder.

When your brain is sending you wave after wave of panic when you are speaking to them. And when you do say something your brain is telling you that you said the wrong thing.

or when your brain is not letting you say that thing that will keep the conversation flowing. And it’s not letting you do that because it keeps sending you scene after scene of how saying that will make everything go wrong.

And then there are the times that your anxiety pushes small talk on you because it won’t let you get out that one thing that you want to tell this person.

And the silences can be the worst. Your brain panicking at the silence and causing you to scramble for something to say to fill it.

So yeah, be gentle on the person with anxiety when trying to small talk.

It can be the worst for us.

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