Slowly Contradicting Negative Thoughts

One things that happens if you are like me and suffer from an anxiety disorder or depression, or both (lucky you!) is that you will have a flow of negative thought.

One thing that I have been told but when I was younger never really put an effort into actually doing is to start contradicting this information.

But as I got older the more easier it got to try to do this.

I have made at least on other post or mention about contradicting anxiety ridden thoughts.

And that also works for negative thoughts. Only it will not be as easy as with the anxiety situational thoughts.

With those you only have to find proof from around you that those thoughts are false.

But with negative thoughts it can be a little harder.

You are trying to prove that these negative thoughts whether it’s about yourself, your fears, your personality, your looks, or any of the other many things, are wrong.

And It Will Be Hard.

But if you start slowly and just keep going it will help.

At first you will dismiss the contradiction right away.

And you will continue to dismiss it for a long time.

But slowly that contradicting will start to seep in.

At first it will be a small barely heard whisper in your mind.

But eventually it will get stronger, and then stronger, and stronger. . .

And then it will become something that you can look at with truth instead of the negative lie that your brain tells yourself.

And then you will find that after a while, a long while maybe, that you are able to tell yourself more and more contradictions and they will start to be easier to look at.

They will be harder to dismiss.

So if you continue to contradict these negative things eventually you will be able to look at those negative thought and see them as lies and believe it.

You’ll See.

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