Sleep Problems & Autism

Sleep problems in people with autism is common. It could range from trouble falling asleep, trouble staying asleep, and insomnia.

A lot of people with autism have problems staying  asleep. And have problems with waking up often during the night.

When they wake up during the night in can be for short or long ranges of times.

It has been found in some studies that this is because the brain processes sleep regulation differently then someone who does not have autism.

This can cause aggression from being tired along with a being tired during the day.

I myself have trouble with insomnia (which I have a post on) along with staying asleep and falling asleep.

When I lay down to go to sleep it can go up to an hour of just having my eyes closed before falling asleep. And I often wake up in the night multiple times.

And when I do wake up in the night it sometimes leaves me fully awake. Which leaves me having to try to fall asleep all over again.

There are some things that can help.

Melatonin, Which is a sleeping medication can help a person.

But melatonin does not help everybody, with it working for a while but with the person having to up the dose after a while. So you should be careful of how much you take of it.

And there are a list of other medications that could help.

Not to mention other techniques that can be used to help.

Some work for the person, some don’t.

But it is something that should be looked into as you grow older your ability to go about your day with no sleep goes down.

So its better to get it fixed now then have it affect your life when you are older.


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